Latest News On The Elder Scrolls 6 Game

The Elder Scrolls 6 announcement was made a little over three years ago. However, Bethesda has been careful to temper expectations regarding its release date. This is the case with series director Todd Howard telling The Telegraph the next game in this series is still in design phase.It’s a good idea to consider The Elder Scrolls 6 still in the design phase… but we’re still checking the tech: “Is this going be able to handle the things that we want to do? Howard stated that every game will require some new technology, so Elder Scrolls 6 will need some Creation Engine 2 additions.

Howard’s comments are part of a longer interview in which Howard talked about Starfield and the Creation Engine. He also discussed how he tried to make Indiana Jones games since 2009. This is something Howard has been discussing since he was first introduced to MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game .Bethesda recently revealed some details about Starfield, albeit briefly, at E3 2021. It has not been shy about revealing the current state of The Elder Scrolls 6 and reiterated time after again that it is focusing on its sci-fi RPG which will be released in 2022. Bethesda will wait until Starfield is nearly ready to show any meaningful information, as usual.