Last Stop – Game Review

‘Mind the Gap’ is a famous safety slogan associated with London’s Underground rail network, but in Last Stop some more useful advice would be ‘never mind the gap, there’s a bloody portal to another dimension down here’. The story is character-driven and focuses on three locals living on a fictionalized Piccadilly line in London. Each of them are influenced by the mysterious gateway deep below the British capital. Although Last Stop’s quick-time events and cinematic camera angles give it some serious Heavy Rain-style choose-your-own adventure vibes, I felt like I had as little control over the outcome as a passenger on the 5 :25pm flight to Heathrow.

Last Stop is divided into six separate stories. The final chapter brings the three stories together to form a single climax. It is impossible to read a single story in one go. You must complete all three chapters before unlocking the next. However, you can choose the order you want to play each chapter. It’s not an easy choice. The stories are largely isolated from one another until the last moments. I didn’t notice a difference in the order I dealt with each chapter. Last Stop could easily have been a series of linear chapters that jumped back and forth between characters, much like a George RR Martin book. It would not have affected the story’s overall flow. Continue reading “Last Stop – Game Review”

Latest News On The Elder Scrolls 6 Game

The Elder Scrolls 6 announcement was made a little over three years ago. However, Bethesda has been careful to temper expectations regarding its release date. This is the case with series director Todd Howard telling The Telegraph the next game in this series is still in design phase.It’s a good idea to consider The Elder Scrolls 6 still in the design phase… but we’re still checking the tech: “Is this going be able to handle the things that we want to do? Howard stated that every game will require some new technology, so Elder Scrolls 6 will need some Creation Engine 2 additions.

Howard’s comments are part of a longer interview in which Howard talked about Starfield and the Creation Engine. He also discussed how he tried to make Indiana Jones games since 2009. This is something Howard has been discussing since he was first introduced to MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game .Bethesda recently revealed some details about Starfield, albeit briefly, at E3 2021. It has not been shy about revealing the current state of The Elder Scrolls 6 and reiterated time after again that it is focusing on its sci-fi RPG which will be released in 2022. Bethesda will wait until Starfield is nearly ready to show any meaningful information, as usual.

Chivalry 2 – An Awesome Medieval Melee Game

Other first-person sword fighting games, such as Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Mordhau, have attempted to sell themselves on their hitboxes and high skill ceilings. However, Chivalry Medieval Warfare has always been open to falling a little more on the arcadey side. The sequel Chivalry 2 continued that tradition and I believe it is a better multiplayer experience. Although there is still a lot to learn, it’s much easier to jump in and get some bloody kills without feeling like a sheep among wolves. That’s how you create and maintain a strong community.

Chivalry 2 takes you to stylish, saturated battlefields where up to 64 players can play in either objective-based team mode or a massive free-for-all. Although there aren’t many maps available right now, I was impressed by the number of them. Each map has an excellent variety of objectives to defend and attack, interesting terrain and architecture, a mix of open areas, bottlenecks and open areas, and great overall pace. You might push titanic siege towers high up against a wall, with ballista bolts flinging at you from the top. The next moment you may be trying to steal as much gold from a village to get it back to you before time runs out.

There are certainly some objectives that feel unbalanced at this time. For example, the bridge at Falmire has been taken by the attackers only once in all the times I have played it. The ramp at Lionspire can be quite sticky. It’s not something that can’t be fixed with a few minor adjustments. It might be easier once you have a better understanding of how these objectives work. Continue reading “Chivalry 2 – An Awesome Medieval Melee Game”